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From: « Michel Bienvenue » <mbienvenue@crystalplus.ca>
Date: 06/05/15 08:56
Subject: Re: costco product
Yes you understand. Remember that crystalplus is perfectly compatible with any chlorine: pucks, liquid, granules or ??Enjoy and relax. Crystalplus will take care of your pool water.


thank  you so much for this reply.
Sorry this is totally new to me and I have not a clue what I am doing.
So if I understand this correctly (?) I put pucks in and your produce – they are compatible?

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From: « Michel Bienvenue » <mbienvenue@crystalplus.ca>
Date: 06/04/15 22:40
Subject: Re: costco product

Hello and thanks for your question.

Pucks are a type of chlorine like HTH granules are another type.
Pucks are trichloro-isocyanuric acid or stabilized chlorine. The pucks’
pH is very acidic and they contain Chlorine stabilizer which are not
degradable and will stay forever in the pool until you flush water.

So short answer: Yes you need chlorine pucks or HTH (granular type) and
crystalplus as an additive.
With crystalplus in most cases, you will not need to add any algaecide
or pH Plus or minus nor any clarifier. The water will always remain
An advice:
Have your water analyzed by pool people and adjusted in terms of
alkalinity and pH.
Then, measure and pour double dosage of crystalplus to initiate the
season then weekly (read on the label for quantity)
Crystalplus will maintain the pool water perfectly clear and algae free
all season long. The only thing it won’t do is control bacteria.
This is why you will still need chlorine (the type you want)

I hope I answer.


Le 04-06-15 18:29, mcdodds a écrit :
Good afternoon, I was just in touch with Costco re your product for pools.
I « inherited » in our new property, a pool and know nothing about pools.
I saw  your product with excellent ratings but am at a loss to know if it would be suitable for our pool
A neighbour says we need pucks whatever those are.
So my question to Cosco was will your product be suitable for a pool that someone things we need pucks for?
thank you for any help and I hope I can use your product from Costco

From Costco:
In response to your email, unfortunately we do not what the difference is between the crystal chlorine system vs « pucks ». We suggest that you contact the manufacturer directly by email at crystal@crystalplus.ca. They would be the expert in order clarify the difference.

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